We’re kicking off 2019 with a series of screenings in De Studio in Antwerp. 4 VPRO Tegenlicht documentaries with a strong focus on the relationship between man & technology, followed by a Q&A with experts. Together we’ll investigate the impact of tech on our society, today ànd tomorrow, with a crowd that spans wider than the usual tech-meetup suspects. Are we going to shape the future of technology or will technology shape ours?

For some years now the documentaries of VPRO Tegenlicht have been much needed fuel for the public debate on a broad variety of subjects. They succeed in offering us a wake-up-call, a view-from-above or within without excluding voices or opinions.

As a collective our mission has always been to think out loud, to provide room for creative and critical voices that reflect on technology. So these documentaries fit in perfectly. We are very happy to share them, watch them and discuss them with all of you, guided by the insights of one or more expert per evening/topic.

You are kindly invited to join us in the beautiful cinema of DE Studio in the center of Antwerp. All details on the event/tickets/agenda/… and updates can be found on Facebook  or register your ticket directly on Evenbrite