Dear Tech,
The anthropocene is here, and it comes with an immense responsibility. I write to say we are losing our common goal and this time it’s not me. It’s you. We need to talk.

Dear Tech, is a non-political, non-commercial, initiative that highly values your input on all things tech. So don't hesitate to contact us with your brainfarts.


We believe that the digital revolution, if done right, has the potential of making us more human than ever before. Technology, applied with wisdom, can lead to a real life utopia. This would not be a wanted side effect, but the legitimation of technologies existence.  We as a collective want to put pressure on governments, organisations, companies and individuals to strive for this horizon.


We have no hidden agenda. We simply want to ask the right questions and ignite important conversations that surpass the current dystopian, patronising trend. This will be done in a collaborative, iterative and transparent way. Not as a fixed format, but as a disciplined experiment constantly testing and pivoting to find the right method. A diversified mix of voices, from developers, scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers to designers and politicians will feed and fuel the debate to give it the necessary weight.


In offline sessions we will zoom in on the impact technology could have in certain areas of society such as education, cities, identity, work and energy. Workshops, talks, articles, podcasts, moderating, hackatons and meetups,... We facilitate workshops with a curated group of experts that goes below the surface and reflects on a future horizon. All conversations, preparations, interviews and thoughts will be documented and published online for all to consult. By sharing the knowledge we gather and process we want to promote digital inclusion, literacy and empowerment. We invite more people to the table.